Yet even though we’re mostly on the same page, life insurance ownership in the U.S. is trending down, not up:

At the same time, people who DO have life insurance primarily get it from their employer. This means employers have an opportunity to play a crucial role in making sure working people understand how important life insurance is to their overall financial wellbeing.

Are you ready to step into this important role? Here are four ways you can get started:

Explain how life insurance is used.

Life insurance can play a critical role in keeping a family afloat when a household’s main bread winner dies prematurely, because the benefit can be used for a verity of services including, but not limited to, estate planning, tax minimization strategies, and for paying off debt.

Assess the life insurance programs you currently offer.

Evaluate the life insurance benefits you offer employees. Will it give them what they need? If not, consider changes or additional coverage that would be most beneficial to and valued by the workforce.

Give employees tools that help them apply life insurance to their daily lives.

Offer educational tools and support to help workers determine how much life insurance they need, given their household’s current assets and annual income, expenses, debt, number of dependents, and more. 

Help workers unlock life insurance opportunities outside of your organization.

Provide workers with information about and/or access to life insurance options available outside the workplace, so they can obtain the most appropriate coverage for their specific situation. 

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