Follow these simple steps or watch the how-to video below.

  1. Go to our self-registration page and choose Member as your User Role.

    Note: If you’re registering as a dependent, you’ll need the member’s Group ID number(s) and Social Security Number.
  2. Enter your Group ID Number(s) and Social Security Number.

    Find your Group ID on your Member ID card or enrollment summary. If
    you can’t find your Group ID, contact your HR department or Plan
  3. Create a username and password, click Submit, and you’re done.

Services available on Guardian Anytime

  • Submit claims and track their status (except for Life products), including
    receiving email alerts when dental claims are paid.
  • View explanations of benefits (EOBs) to understand what’s covered under
    your dental plan.
  • View your summary of benefits.
  • Find dental cost estimates and educational information.
  • Check the status of evidence of insurability.
  • Print dental ID card, and access forms and materials related to your coverage.

How to register for Guardian Anytime

Guardian makes it easy and convenient to access your benefits online – anytime, anywhere.  Here’s how to register at