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Guardian + Nayya: For Brokers Video

Welcome to Nayya + Guardian

This partnership offers employers and employees a personalized benefits experience that provides better protection and increases voluntary benefits participation by 35%.

Nayya is a decision support platform that engages, educates and empowers employees during enrollment using state of the art data science and machine learning.

Nayya transforms the way employees choose their benefits by implementing a simple, guided process, offering personalized recommendations, and providing financial education.

Nayya’s impact will be felt throughout the year

Reduces admin burden by 82%; Saves over $1,200 per year for employees; Increases HDHP adoption to as high as 65%; Increases HAS enrollment by 30-50%

In order to partner with Nayya, groups need to be between 50-3,000 employees and offering two voluntary Guardian lines*.  *Dental and Vision are included.

If you have a qualifying group, Nayya only needs 3 things from you.

  1. An Employee Census
  2. Plan Summaries or SBCs
  3. A Communication Plan


Nayya offers both stand-alone and embedded solutions.

Nayya has already worked with Selerix and ADP Workforce Now (WFN) to ensure a smooth integration. If Nayya is embedded within the benefits administration system, deployment is complete within 1 day.

Nayya’s stand alone experience offers various ways to access the platform and will deploy within 1 week.

When you’re ready to experience the Nayya impact, all you have to do is contact your Guardian Sales Consultant.


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Advertised services are performed by Nayya, an independent, third party service provider that is neither a subsidiary nor affiliate of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. Guardian is neither responsible nor liable for services, advice or recommendations made by Nayya.

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