A successful enrollment and communication strategy is made up of many different components. You need a carrier with experience to leverage best practices, the flexibility to adjust to an employer’s unique needs and the technology to make it happen in an easy and convenient way. Guardian® has the expertise and resources to help maximize your clients’ enrollment experience.

  • Experience – we are well-informed on industry trends and use client data and best practices for communication strategy and tool development
  • Flexible – our multi-touch and multi-channel approach addresses your clients’ unique needs and preferences
  • Tools & Technology – we have a broad range of technology solutions to help create a positive enrollment experience.

Communication support to meet your clients’ needs


What makes Guardian's Communication and Enrollment process stand out? Our customized approach is flexible and agile enabling us to address your clients’ communication and enrollment objectives, while maximizing the enrollment experience. 

  • Our customized communications present information in a simple manner so employees can make the right benefit choices using a multi-touch, multi-channel approach which includes a nationwide network of benefit consultants offering onsite education and support.
  • You and your client work with a communications consultant who acts as a single point of contact for all enrollment communications. This consultant provides continuous support during each phase of the enrollment process.1
  • Our broad range of no cost and preferred pricing technology solutions create a positive enrollment experience for your clients and their employees.

Guardian knows communications and enrollment. We are well informed of industry trends and have the tools to help maximize your clients’ enrollment experience.




Level of support may vary based on case specifics (size, complexity and opportunity).