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Marriage is the start of many exciting moments as you build a new life together. It’s also a perfect opportunity to create a confident financial future for you and your spouse. Let’s learn more about the ways you can protect your marriage and money.

Now’s the time to consider life insurance

Your marriage is a commitment to your relationship. Think of the right life insurance plan as a financial commitment to your spouse in the event that the unthinkable happens. It’s a smart step to protecting your marriage and money.

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Consider learning about:

Whole life insurance

Universal life insurance

Term life insurance

Disability income insurance can help protect paychecks

In today’s world, most marriages rely on both partner’s income. Disability income insurance helps replace a portion of your income due to illness or injury. It’s paycheck protection that helps you focus on getting back to work.

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Consider learning about:

Individual disability insurance

Don’t forget to talk to your employer

You might be able to add your spouse to more than your employer’s regular medical coverage plan. Be sure to ask. It’s important to know all of your options and to figure out a comprehensive plan for protecting you both.

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Let us help protect your marriage and money

Speak with a financial representative

If you’re ready to make a plan for you and your spouse, we’re ready to connect you with a financial representative who can assist you.

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We’re here if you need help

Do you have questions about protecting your spouse and finances, or about Guardian? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.

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