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Nothing’s more exciting than a new opportunity, but with every new job comes a lot of new changes. One thing that’s good to plan for is a change in your insurance. We’re here to help you find the right options for you.

Buy coverage direct to replace your lost benefits

Your new job may not offer you the same benefits you had in your old one. Luckily, we sell options that you can buy direct online.

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Dental insurance

Dental coverage protects you and your teeth if you’re new job doesn’t. We offer a variety of plans to smile about.

Accident insurance

Accident protection supplements your new job’s health insurance. It covers injury-related, out-of-pocket costs your primary provider won’t cover.

Critical illness insurance

If you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, critical illness insurance provides money to help supplement your medical insurance coverage.

Don’t forget to talk with your new employer

A new job typically means your coverage won’t be exactly the same as what you received before. If you’re unsure about the right options for you, talk to your employer. If your employer offers Guardian, we provide a variety of resources that can help.

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Want to talk about your options?

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We offer dental, accident, critical illness and pet insurance that you can buy online. See our plans and how much they’ll cost.

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Speak with a financial representative

If you’re ready to make a plan for yourself and those you love, we’re ready to connect you with a financial representative who can assist you.

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