Original Air Date: April 11, 2019

This webinar explores insights and topics from Guardian's Future of Dentistry white paper. Our panel of experts address trends that are accelerating change in the practice of dentistry and the business of dental benefits, including:

  • Adjusting to an aging population
  • Continued growth of corporate dentistry
  • Increased coordination of dental and medical care for improved patient outcomes
  • Expansion of risk-based models and use of predictive analytics
  • Greater clinical focus on quality and value


  • Randi Tillman, DMD, MBA
    Chief Dental Officer, Guardian
  • Lynn Mouden, DDS, MPH
    Vice President, Dental Quality & Performance, Avesis
  • Chad Meyerhoefer, Ph.D.
    Economics Professor, Arthur Searing Professorship, Lehigh University

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