Many employees value their dental insurance and their dentist. Offering a benefit package that includes comprehensive benefits can help retain and secure top talent.

Guardian is committed to meeting the needs of Pittsburgh employers and their employees. We offer flexible, affordable dental plans and one of the most robust provider networks in the area.

During these challenging times employers are struggling to maintain the comprehensive coverage that employees want. We recognize this and are proud to introduce a pandemic support program.

Why Guardian?

We’ve built a network that delivers choice and savings

Guardian’s network is designed so that Pittsburgh employers can be proud to share it with their employees. With over 1,700 network local dentists, 92% of our Pittsburgh members access care from in-network dentists. This is a testament that our network is providing choice and access that meets member needs. By seeing a network dentist, our members can save more than 37% on care with no additional out-of-pockets costs.

Flexible Plans

Choose from an array of options that promote good oral care, including fluoride treatments, additional cleanings, and oral cancer screenings. Guardian offers the ability to roll over unused plan maximum dollars for future use.

Plus, we are constantly innovating new product options that can offer value and added savings as employee needs and preferences change — from teledentistry options, to cost-effective at-home orthodontic options like byte ® .

Benefits administration technology

Technology is all around us and it's making life easier and more convenient for everyone. With technology making so many things simpler, it only makes sense that the complex world of benefits administration would modernize too.

Fortunately, Guardian is leading the charge to modernize the process and transform the experience. Learn more.

The College Tuition Benefit

Guardian dental plans can include our College Tuition Benefi­t — a rewards-based program that can help employees save for college. Members earn rewards each year, and for each line of Guardian coverage, that can be used at over 400 colleges and universities, including over 50 in Pennsylvania.

Guardian offers a full product portfolio making it easier to offer a comprehensive benefit plan with ease of administration.

Learn about our Critical Illness coverage here.

To learn more about Guardian, reach out to your Pittsburgh Group Sales Consultant or broker, or complete the form.



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