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IT Careers

For more than 150 years, Guardian has been innovating to meet the needs of its customers. Today, technology is at the heart of how we are driving innovation that will transform our business and enrich the lives of our 26 million customers and more than 9,000 employees.

We inspire our teams to dream big and deliver unique solutions that will move our business forward and make us a technology leader within our industry.

Whether it’s through Ideation sessions that generate exciting opportunities – or our Innovation Challenges that make the impossible possible – we are moving faster than ever to create and deliver new value.

Best and Brightest Working Together

What happens when you bring together talented and diverse individuals and have them collaborate on common goals? You unleash creativity that sparks innovation and delivers competitive technology solutions.

Bringing innovative solutions to life takes a shared passion to be bold and think outside the box. At Guardian, we believe that every idea you have matters, and that everyone has a voice in helping to shape the future. 

How We’re Building the Future

Solutions like digital engagement, cloud computing, cyber security and big data are already helping to build a better experience for our customers and our company.

Digital Engagement

Through our digital efforts or consumerization, we’re offering products and services that are adapted to the unique experiences of each customer.

By understanding our customers, we can create better solutions for them, enable more self-service, create mobile first designs and leverage the “Internet of Things.”

Big Data

To serve our customers, we need to know how they think, how they buy and what motivates them.

To better manage our business, we make decisions that are data-driven.

Through the use of predictive analytics, visualization, exploratory data and other tools, we are uncovering trends and unlocking opportunities to grow our business.

Cloud Computing

Our company manages and maintains many applications on secure, cloud-based solutions rather than in-house servers. This enables us to evolve at the speed of technology and more quickly develop new applications that provide enhanced services for our customers - making our products easier to use anytime, anywhere.


As technology and the world continue to evolve and transform the way we do business, our ability to react and respond to the ever-changing cyber landscape should be agile to defend against the latest threats.

Cybersecurity is one of our top priorities. It is essential that we remain active in the detection, protection and defense against cyber threats.

We proactively develop, test and implement strong controls to help assess threats, control access and detect and respond to anomalies. 


We’re exploring how automation can provide the tools and capabilities of the future and serve as your new co-worker for the digital age. We’re testing how artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometrics and natural language processing can grow our business.

Workplaces That Inspire

We believe that to inspire great ideas and cutting-edge innovation requires a workspace that lifts your spirits and energizes your creativity. That’s why over the past few years we’ve been modernizing our office locations. Here you’ll find open and bright workspaces with audio-visual enabled huddle spaces and conference rooms that promote collaboration and innovation.

Several of our office locations have already been reimagined, including Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Spokane, Washington. In early 2018, we opened a new office in Holmdel, New Jersey, which is our latest workplace designed to inspire you.

Guardian’s corporate headquarters will move to 10 Hudson Yards (located at West 30 Street and Tenth Avenue) in New York City in 2019. Similar to our Bethlehem campus and upcoming Holmdel campus, our floors will be designed to allow for bright natural light throughout the building and will promote collaboration, mobility and innovation. The space will also conform to the latest environment sustainability standards. 

It’s all part of our ongoing workplace strategy to meet the growing demands of our business and tomorrow’s IT careers.

The Campus in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Holmdel Main Gathering Area 4th Floor

Great Ideas & Great Work Happen Everywhere

You never know where or when your next big idea will happen. Through our Guardian on the Go program, you and your manager decide whether you work at home, in the office or wherever is most convenient. We understand that your creativity knows no limits — and neither should your work location. Using the latest in technology and remote capabilities, you can collaborate with colleagues across the hall or a thousand miles away.

Differences Foster Innovation

Guardian strives to build diverse teams across the company that bring different thoughts, backgrounds and experiences to the work we do. This is supported by our Diversity and Inclusion Council, a committee of employees that celebrates diversity and helps weave diverse viewpoints into the culture of our company. The Council promotes cultural awareness and fosters innovation by embracing individuals like you who can bring unique ideas to support our customers how, when and where they prefer.

Be Part of Something More

We share your concern for the planet and the people who live here.

Our philanthropic efforts in local markets where we have a presence support financial education, workforce development, and health and wellness programs that provide communities in most need with essential services and opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. As part of our IT recruiting efforts, we welcome individuals who share our concerns and encourage them to volunteer their time, skills and ideas to help their communities.

Among our many sustainability efforts are energy-efficient lighting, recycling initiatives and cloud-based storage that significantly reduce energy consumption throughout our offices. We also built our new Bethlehem campus to the latest LEED certification standards. Find out more about our financial capability and workforce development efforts here

Innovation in Action at Guardian

We host multiple programs and events throughout the year to encourage and promote innovation, including:

  • Annual Software Development Conference
  • Hackathons
  • Innovation Challenges
  • Annual Technology Expo
  • Agile Expos

Want to Be Part of the Journey?

It’s an exciting time here at Guardian, and the various information technology careers within our company can provide a rewarding experience and the opportunity to shape the future.