Workforce 2020: LGBTQ

Inclusivity for the LGBTQ workforce


In the 50 years since the uprising at the Stonewall Inn, we have made headway toward greater equality for the LGBTQ community. That includes progress on equal rights in employment and workplace benefits for the more than 7% of working adults in 2020, or nearly 12 million Americans, who identify as LGBTQ.

Despite positive change, such as the recent Supreme Court ruling that prevents LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace, many organizations have a long way to go before they become fully inclusive and empathetic.

But the benefit is clear – LGBTQ individuals who work for employers that provide equal access to medical, retirement, and other benefits tend to be highly satisfied. Fostering a more inclusive workplace is the right thing to do and a big advantage for companies looking to attract and retain talent.

To learn how organizations can best support their LGBTQ workforce with inclusive policies, benefits, and resources, download our Workforce 2020: LGBTQ infographic, as revealed in Guardian's 8th Annual Workplace Benefits Study "Workforce 2020: Meeting the benefit needs of today’s diverse workforce in a changed world".

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