As you develop benefits solutions in a cost-effective way, you should consider voluntary insurance plans and explore the value they can provide. Voluntary plans offer a similar level of services and insurance benefits as employer-paid group insurance plans. The advantage, however, is that they enable you to offer coverage to your employees at group rates with minimal cost.

What are traditional voluntary benefits?

Traditional voluntary benefits allow employees to select insurance coverage that best meet their needs and financial situation. Common voluntary plans include dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. These benefits are 100% paid for by the employee, so employers can put more of their dollars towards managing their business.

Why Guardian for voluntary group insurance?

Guardian is one of the fastest-growing companies in voluntary benefits sales1. We can help you provide your employees with the following traditional non-medical employee benefits on a voluntary basis2

  • Dental insurance: One of the largest networks in the nation
  • Vision insurance: Choose from three options (Guardian Vision, VSP, and Davis Vision)
  • Disability insurance: Short & Long Term, Buy-ups, and Multi-coverage packages
  • Life insurance: Portable term 
  • Exclusive College Tuition Benefit Program: Helps employees pay for college. Available on all products3

Complementary health insurance



  • PPO
  • Managed Dental Care/DHMO
  • Dual Choice Offerings


  • Guardian Vision
  • VSP
  • Davis Vision


  • Short-Term
  • Long-Term
  • Supplemental Individual

Guardian dental and vision insurance plans complement traditional medical benefits

Together, dental and vision insurance can help contribute to a more holistic approach to employee health.

Dental insurance is one of the popular benefits for employees and regular preventive dental care is important to overall health. Our voluntary dental product offers the same range of features and network access as our industry-leading, employer-paid dental plans:

  • One of the top national dental networks for access and discounts
  • PPO, Managed Dental Care/DHMO, and Dual Choice offerings
  • Oral health features that help members get more value from their dental benefits – Maximum Rollover, Preventive Advantage, oral cancer screenings, and enhanced periodontal maintenance

Guardian Vision gives your employees access to a diverse selection of private practice providers through our large, convenient network. Retail partners include Costco, Visionworks, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Sears, JC Penney, and Pearle Vision.

  • Our plans are customizable and designed to help employees save. Contact lens evaluation and fitting are standard with a copay on all plans – and employers chose from a range of material allowances. Lens options such as polycarbonate, transitional, and progressive lenses can be covered in full.
  • Optional features include allowances on Lasik surgery, and benefits for diabetic eye care and low vision to meet a wide range of employee needs. You can add hearing coverage to give your employees access to quality hearing care and savings on name brand hearing aids and related technology.
  • To ensure we meet the specific needs of your employees, we also offer two other plan options: VSP and Davis Vision. These plans give employees thousands of doctors to choose from in convenient locations.

Life & disability insurance plans give your employees critical income protection

Life insurance and Disability insurance are fundamental, and indispensable, parts of a sound financial plan. These coverages give employees confidence knowing that money will be available to protect their family during a disability or after death.

Guardian offers affordable, flexible, and continuous life coverage through convenient payroll deductions. And, with Guaranteed Issue, no medical exams are required for basic levels of coverage:

  • Voluntary Term – provides cost-effective coverage for a specific period of time to support families with significant financial responsibilities.

Approximately 25% of the workforce will be disabled for at least three months during their working career due to an illness or injury.4 When you consider that the average long-term disability claim lasts more than 30 months,5 it’s obvious that disabilities can be costly for both employers and employees.

Guardian enables you to manage disabilities and help your employees protect their income during times of hardship. We’re backed by exemplary financial ratings6, excellent claims processing efficiency, and more than 155 years of dedicated service to our policyholders.

We offer a consultative approach to help you find the right solution for your organization — one that meets the diverse needs of your workforce and offers attractive group rates employees will value as a company benefit — all at no direct cost to you. Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

  • Short Term Disability (STD) – offers a wide variety of customizable plans to help you manage risk and control costs, while offering financial protection for employees during their first 90 days of disability. With Guardian Disability Income SelectTM plans, you can even give your employees choices over different aspects of your plan, including benefit amounts and combined options for benefit duration & elimination period. Our plans encourage a fast return to work, an added benefit for you and your employees.
  • Long Term Disability (LTD) – helps employees continue to provide for their families during an extended absence from work due to illness or injury. Plan proceeds help with mortgage payments, groceries, health, and education expenses. Our flexible contracts support a return-to-work philosophy with options like rehabilitation plan payment enhancements and loan payment protection. If you bundle LTD with STD, your employees will have the best overall coverage options for any situation.
  • Supplemental Individual Disability Income Insurance7 – allows you to enhance your Group LTD coverage by offering additional individually-owned income protection for high earners and key employees. This plan is a valuable recruitment and retention tool because it covers income like commissions and bonuses that traditional group disability insurance may not cover.

These voluntary benefits are often more affordable for employees than if purchased outside your company.

Consider Supplemental Health Insurance

By offering your employees supplemental health coverage, you can give them additional financial protection regardless of their medical insurance. Employees receive cash benefits directly, based on covered sicknesses, injuries, treatments and services. The cash can be used to cover basic expenses like groceries, childcare, and housekeeping, or out-of-pocket medical costs not otherwise covered by their medical plan.



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The Tuition Rewards program is provided by College Tuition Benefit. Guardian does not provide any services related to this program. This program is not an insurance product and may not be available in all states. College Tuition Benefit is not a subsidiary or an affiliate of Guardian. 


Insurance products are Guardian Dental, Disability, Life, Vision, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity insurance. Products underwritten and issued by the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. Policy limitations and exclusions apply. Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs. Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage. GP-1-DG2000 et al, GP-1-CAN-IC-12 et al, GP-1-CI-14, GP-1-HI-15. GP-1-STD-15, GP-1-LTD-15, GP-1-LIFE-15, GP-1-GVSN-17, GP-1-AC-BEN, 12 et al 


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Individual disability income products underwritten and issued by Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America (BLICOA), Pittsfield, MA. BLICOA is a wholly owned stock subsidiary of and administrator for The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY or provided by Guardian Product provisions and availability may vary by state.


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