Fruadulent wokers’ comp claims

Affecting 1 in 6 US employers, workers’ compensation abuse is the fastest growing insurance abuse in the US.

"Illegitimate workers’ comp claims are a problem for our organization."

Agreement by number of employees

Rise in employer concerns

More than 20 percent of employers in government, education, hospitality, and construction agree that illegitimate workers’ comp claims are a significant problem.

Rise in employer concerns Statistics


High deductible health plan risks

Recent research shows that workers in high deductible health plans (HDHPs) have a greater likelihood of reporting off-the-job injuries as workers’ compensation claims.

High deductible health plan risks chart


Stress from medical costs

In 2019, 52 percent of employers offered at least one high deductible health plan – up from 24 percent in 2012.

3 out of 5 full-time, working Americans would have to borrow money to pay for a $3,000 medical bill


The good news

On average, employers report a 46 percent decline in workers’ compensation claims after offering an employee-paid accident or short term disability plan to their workforce.

  • 1 in 4 employers experienced a decline in workers’ compensation claims after offering voluntary accident insurance.
  • 1 in 8 employers experienced a decline in workers’ compensation claims after offering short term disability insurance.
  • -55% average decline in workers’ comp claims among large employers after offering a voluntary accident or STD plan.

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Provide valuable protection with Guardian accident and disability insurance

Guardian makes it easy to reduce illegitimate workers’ comp claims

Guardian’s plans are flexible, lower the administrative burden for employers, and make it easy for employees to purchase valuable coverage.

Guardian Accident Insurance is ideal for anyone concerned about covering out-of-pocket medical expenses. With this policy, members get an extra layer of financial protection when combined with a higher deductible health plan.

If a member suffers a qualifying accident, Guardian pays cash benefits based on covered injuries, treatments, and services. This frees up a member’s financial resources to pay for other expenses such as travel to the hospital, child care, and lost income from missed work. This reduces a member’s stress, allowing them to focus more on their health and recovery.

Guardian Disability Income SelectTM is designed to protect an employee’s income if they can’t work due to serious illness or injury.

Employees can design their own short term disability (STD) plan by choosing their coverage amount, benefit duration, and elimination period. By providing employees with easy enrollment, affordable group rates, payroll deductions, and the freedom to choose the right level of protection, employers can better meet the health and budget needs of their workforce.


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