There are times when employees may take Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) when they face their own serious health issue. In this case, when an employee was going through cancer treatments, Guardian® was there to not only seamlessly manage the entire claim process – but also provide the support and encouragement needed to help her ease back into the workplace.

While there are hundreds of stories we could share, this one thoroughly speaks to what it means to be a Leave Manager at Guardian.

Watch Amber's story

The Leave Manager partners with the Short Term Disability (STD) Claim Manager on any STD and Family Medical Leave (FML) concurrent claims, sharing information and updating the status of the leave. The STD Claim Manager takes the lead for claims that run concurrently, however, if the leave changes and becomes a standalone intermittent leave then it will transition back to the Leave Manager. Leave Managers will also engage our clinical resources to assist with ongoing leave management and return-to-work and stay-at-work opportunities.


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