How does MA PFML work for a remote workforce?

Absence management is made more complex with a dispersed labor force.


It’s important to be well versed on paid leave law requirements to ensure employees either working from home, or in multiple states comply, as non-compliance can have tax implications. Gain insights on what to do as the deadline approaches to opt into a private Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave effective January 1, 2022.

PFML and work-from-home employees – correct classification is key

According to Guardian’s 10th Annual Workplace Benefits Study, half of today’s workers would prefer to work 100 percent remotely, and 75 percent would prefer to be working remotely at least a couple of days per week. When it comes to complying with paid family leave and medical leave laws, exactly where employees are doing their work and how they’re classified are crucial.

How to handle PFML if your employees work from home

Multistate workers – Massachusetts and national law knowledge matters

Often, gaps in knowledge on state and national leave requirements can lead to gaps in coverage. Massachusetts does not require a minimum number of employees to offer paid leave.  This means that if you have even just one employee working in the state of Massachusetts, then they must be provided with a paid leave plan.

What if I have only one employee working in MA?

What can a private MA PFML plan with Guardian help you do?

  • Stay compliant
  • Avoid costly and disruptive investigations, fines or even lawsuits
  • Lift the administrative burden off existing staff
  • Improve the employee experience
  • Increase productivity


All terms of coverage, including benefits, eligibility, coverage limitations and exclusions under Guardian’s Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave plan (MA PFML) will comply with MA PFML law and regulation. Any optional riders and/or features which may be available may incur additional costs. Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage.

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