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Losing a Loved One

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Nothing is more painful than losing a loved one. Getting through the ordeal takes the love and support of your family and friends — and, honestly, not an insurance company. But, when you’re ready to focus on getting your financial life in order after suffering so great a loss, we’ll do everything we can to help, with patience and sensitivity.

If you’ve received a death benefit from your loved one’s life insurance
The death benefit from your loved one’s policy can fill income gaps and give you the means to provide greater protection to your children or other family members. But to make those funds provide lasting benefits, it’s important to have a plan for using them as effectively as possible. A Guardian Financial Representative can work with you to determine if solutions like annuities or additional life insurance can allow you to create a long-term income stream and safety net for other members of your family.

If your loved one didn’t have life insurance
If your loved one didn’t have a life insurance policy, we can help you find alternate means of filling the gaps in your financial picture. It starts with reviewing your assets, sources of income, and financial liabilities. Then, a Guardian Financial Representative will outline recommendations for a plan to minimize your expenses and maximize your earning potential through a range of solutions. One important consideration: If you have children, getting your own life insurance policy is imperative to provide financial stability for them in the event of your death.

If you don’t have life insurance
Losing a loved one is not something you like to think about. Yet having a plan in place in the event a loved one dies is extremely important. Talk to a Guardian Financial Representative today about what kind of life insurance or disability insurance can provide you with the greatest protection for your particular situation. Insuring both your loved one and yourself is important if you have children. Even if you’re not the primary breadwinner, life insurance can help your surviving loved ones deal with the funeral expenses along with the increased costs of childcare and domestic help they will likely encounter.