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In the financial world, security in the form of a blanket just doesn’t work. What if you could have a secure way to grow retirement assets? You may want to consider a fixed annuity also known as a Single Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA).

A single premium deferred annuity (SPDA) may be an appropriate product for you to add to your financial portfolio. It is a financial product issued by an insurance company. The insurance company guarantees your principal (your initial single premium payment) subject to any withdrawals and surrender charges, a fixed interest rate of return prior to the time you begin taking annuity payments and a regular stream of income for a chosen period of time thereafter. GIAC offers an SPDA known as The Guardian Fixed Annuity.SM

Why choose The Guardian Fixed Annuity?
SecurityWith The Guardian Fixed Annuity, you enjoy a specified interest rate of return each contract year during the initial guaranteed period, and an annual renewal interest rate for contract years thereafter, completely removing market volatility from the equation.
Guaranteed IncomeThe Guardian Fixed Annuity can provide a guaranteed stream of income for a specific period of time or for life.
Tax-Deferred Growth*The interest you earn during the life of your annuity grows tax-deferred, which means you don’t pay taxes until you withdraw it. This may provide an advantage, especially if you begin to make withdrawals when in a lower tax bracket.
Flexible WithdrawalsYou may withdraw the money in your Guardian Fixed Annuity at any time as a single withdrawal or through scheduled payments. A surrender charge of up to 7% may apply to withdrawals.

Withdrawals of taxable amounts will be subject to ordinary income tax and possible mandatory federal income tax withholding. If taken prior to age 59½, a 10% IRS penalty may also apply. Withdrawals affect the annuity’s death benefit and cash surrender value and may also be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge.
*There is no additional tax deferral benefit for annuity contracts purchased in an IRA or other tax-qualified plan, since these are already afforded tax-deferred status. Thus, an annuity should only be purchased in an IRA or qualified plan if you value some of the other features of the annuity and are willing to incur any additional costs associated with the annuity to receive such benefits.

Strength behind the guarantees

Annuity guarantees are backed exclusively by the strength and claims-paying ability of The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc. (GIAC). GIAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

To find out if the Guardian Fixed Annuity is right for you, speak with a Guardian Financial Representative or contact your personal financial representative today.

The Guardian Fixed AnnuitySM is a service mark of and is issued by The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc. (GIAC), a Delaware corporation whose principal place of business is 7 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004. (800) 221-3253. GIAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

Product availability and features may vary by state.

Principal, stated interest rates and other contract guarantees are guaranteed solely by the strength and claims-paying ability of The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc.

For more information about GIAC’s Guardian Fixed AnnuitySM or to obtain current initial guarantee period interest rates, please contact your financial representative or call GIAC at (800) 221-3253.

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