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401(k) Products



Plan. Save. Invest.

Learn more about how you can help participants Plan, Save, and Invest for retirement.
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For the Fourth Consecutive Year

The Guardian Retirement Solutions™ Group 401k and Individual Annuity Call Centers have been recognized by J.D. Power for providing "An Outstanding Customer Service Experience" for the live phone channel.

For J.D. Power 2014 Contact Center Certification ProgramSM information, visit www.jdpower.com.
It’s About You

At Guardian Retirement Solutions it’s about you. We are dedicated to working with financial professionals and third-party administrators so they can help small businesses provide their employees with a retirement solution that enables them to save for the long term.

Guardian Retirement Solutions is focused solely on serving the unique needs of small businesses by providing access to services typically reserved for large plans. You can count on us to provide the resources, support and tools you’re looking for as you develop a retirement solution that works for you and your employees.

A Turn-Key Solution With Built-in Flexibility

Two funding vehicles are availabe – The Guardian Choice® and The Guardian Advantage® - which are appropriate for a wide range of qualified plans. Our retirement solutions offer:

  • Robust, independent fiduciary support services
  • Support multiple plan designs including: 401(a), 401(k), profit sharing, traditional defined benefit, cash balance, and any other appropriate combination
  • A national network of TPAs
  • Educational support to help participants plan, save, and invest
  • Diverse and well recognized investment options
  • Efficient and dependable participant-level recordkeeping
  • Implementation, enrollment, and on-going customer service

With Guardian Retirement Solutions you can

  • Benefit from a CUSTOMER-FOCUSED Approach to Retirement
  • Access FLEXIBLE Solutions
  • Gain from Guardian’s more than 150-Year Heritage of promises kept

The Guardian Advantage® group variable annuity contract and The Guardian Choice® group variable funding agreement are issued by The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc. (GIAC), a Delaware corporation whose principal place of business is 7 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004. GIAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY.

Guardian does not issue The Guardian Choice® and The Guardian Advantage® and does not guarantee the benefits they provide.

Guardian Retirement Solutions refers to the administrative support services, including participant recordkeeping as well as marketing, enrollment and educational materials, provided by GIAC in conjunction with the individual and group retirement products issued by GIAC.

Please consult your investment, tax and legal advisors for guidance and information that is specific to your plan. Investments offered under The Guardian Advantage® group variable annuity and The Guardian Choice® group variable funding agreement are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed or endorsed by, any bank or depository institution, nor are they insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve Board or any other agency. They involve risk, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.