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Stop Loss (for Self-Funded Medical)

Stop Loss insurance helps mitigate employers’ financial risk when self-funding a medical plan by providing protection against catastrophic or unpredictable claims.

For employers – large or small – that self-fund their own health plan, Stop Loss is a critical consideration. It enables them to manage costs while still delivering the health coverage their employees require.

For over 50 years, Guardian has been putting our group benefits expertise to work for the businesses we protect. Our product is backed by our long history of financial strength*.

Here are more reasons to choose Guardian Stop Loss insurance:

Seamless CoordinationNo matter how many administrators an employer uses for its medical services, we seamlessly coordinate with the employer’s medical carrier and/or Third Party Administrators (TPA).
Claims ServicesClaims are processed timely and accurately with no minimum threshold to meet before a reimbursement is paid.
Optional RidersWe offer a variety of optional riders that enable better cash flow and additional cost savings.

*Financial information concerning The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America as of 12/31/12 on a statutory basis: Admitted Assets = $37.5 Billion; Liabilities = $32.8 Billion (including $28.6 Billion of Reserves); and Surplus = $4.7 Billion.