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Why Are Benefits Important?

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Employees can discover their financial protection needs by answering four simple questions.
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If you needed dental care, would you be able to afford it? The cost of routine procedures can add up, not to mention expenses caused by root canals and extractions. A dental plan through your job can help cover these expenses, and guard against future problems by paying for preventive care.

If you were injured and couldn’t work, how would you pay your monthly bills? With a group disability plan, you’d receive benefits until you returned to work.

If you suffered from cancer or a heart attack, would you have enough money to pay all the expenses? Several expenses caused by critical illnesses aren’t covered by a medical plan, so enrolling in a group critical illness plan can help cover these costs.

The bottom line is employee benefits plans provide insurance coverage typically at a lower cost than if you purchased it on your own. Since health issues happen to anyone at any time, protecting yourself and your assets is critical.

To learn more about how Guardian’s plans can help meet your needs, talk to your human resources representative. And to see how much Life & Disability coverage you might need, go to www.aboutemployeebenefits.com.
Dental One of the largest networks and flexible plans have made us a dental market leader that gives employers choice. Guardian Dental is also sold on most public small business exchanges. Click here to learn more.
Disability With 95% customer satisfaction, our disability plans protect you and get you back to work quickly. 1
LifeRanked 3rd in new life sales, our plans give you guaranteed life benefits plus value-added features.2
Critical Illness Helps pay for expenses not covered  by medical and disability insurance up to $50,000.
VisionWith access to the largest provider of eye care coverage, you get choice and savings on exams and materials4.
WorksiteYou get basic, comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.
FlexplanHelps you pay for benefits with pre-tax dollars.
Stop Loss
(for Self-Funded Medical)
Helps mitigate employers’ financial risk when self-funding a medical plan by providing protection against catastrophic or unpredictable claims.
Small Group SalesSpecial sales unit dedicated to offering comprehensive benefit plans to employers with 2-15 employees.

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 Not available in all states.  
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